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Tips to lower your Home Heating Bill!

Updated: Mar 11

Lower Heating Bill
Lower Heating Bill

As the seasons are changing and winter is on the horizon, I thought we would provide you with a few tips to help lower your home heating bill. Home heating can be a big expense for homeowners and renters alike. With a few small actions, you can increase the efficiency of your heating system therefore decreasing the expenses you incur. Please note it is always a good idea to perform routine maintenance on your heating system to ensure it is providing you with an efficient energy source.

1-Close unused vents- During the winter months, any unused vent can create cold drafts that can compromise your insulation. All vents that are not in use should be closed off to prevent this. This includes interior vents. For example, a cold unused room in the home could create cold air drafts leading into your main heating space.

2-Install a Programmable or Smart Thermostat- This is one of the easiest ways to passively save money on your heating bill. Having a programable or smart thermostat will enable the thermostat to automatically adjust according to the temperatures within your living quarters. Install, program, and let the thermostat do the rest!!! It's as simple as that. Annual inspections are recommended to ensure your system is calibrated and clean of any debris.

3-Insulate your Heating Pipes- Keeping your heating pipes insulated will ensure that the energy that is produced is contained and used at its highest efficiency. Uninsulated heating pipes will cause heat to escape before reaching the living area. The joints of the heating pipes can be the most vulnerable. Wrap your heating pipes with insulation and make sure this is done tightly. This will keep the heat from escaping and allow the heat produced to reach your home free of leaks.

4-Seal Door Frames and Gaps-Over time wood can weather causing gaps that create drafts. This can be caused by water, years of heating and cooling or even shifting of the home. To prevent this problem, apply weather stripping tape along the door frames, use draft guards at the bottom of doors, and replace any damaged areas. This should help close any gaps that may be present when you shut your door. Even the slightest gap, can cause a significant drain on your insulation.

5-Open your Blinds- During winter months, when it's a bright sunny day, keep those blinds open. This allows the heat from the sun to penetrate your living area helping to keep your home warmer. At night, close the blinds. This will help inhibit potential heat loss. Although a minor action, it can help conserve heat in the home.

6-Inspect your Insulation- Over time, insulation can be compromised due to water exposure, rodents, termites, bugs, and other critters. It is a good idea to inspect the insulation in your attic, basement, and crawlspace routinely. If you find any insulation that is damaged be sure to replace it to help keep your home heating efficiently.

7-Use Heating Oil Additives- Consider using heating oil additives for each delivery. The additives will help enhance the oil's performance, clear away sludge, and inhibit the development of rust along the tank walls.

8-Install Storm Windows- In older homes, most of the windows are single-paned. Consider replacing them with modern-day storm windows. Newer windows often have double panes infused with gases that provide greater insulation and protection from ultraviolet rays.

9-Turn down the Thermostat- We all love to be warm and cozy inside our home during the winter months but if you turn down your thermostat even just 2 degrees, you can make a difference. Making a small adjustment to your thermostat can add up to savings on your heating bill.

10-Close Unused Areas- Closing off any unused areas in your home can help capture the heat where you need it. Keeping the doors closed will reduce the area you need to keep heated. This keeps the warm air trapped in the living area.

Apply one or all of these tips to help lower your heating bill this season!!!

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