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How to Measure Your Oil Level

Measure Oil Level

The easiest way to measure your oil level is by using the float gauge attached to your tank. This will give you a general idea of how much oil remains in your tank. However, not all fuel tanks are equipped with float gauges and they are not an entirely accurate reading. It is just an estimate of the fuel remaining in your tank. They also risk failure due to sludge buildup or other failure modes.

If you want a more accurate reading or your tank is not equipped with a float gauge, the best way to measure is manually. You can do this by using a measured stick to obtain the inches in your tank. To get an accurate reading, first, you will need to know your tank size.

To measure with a tank stick, you will need to remove a plug or cap from the top of the tank and lower the stick in the tank until it hits the bottom. Then proceed to pull the stick out to find out how many inches are in your tank. You can even buy a stick with markings on it specifically for this purpose. Once you have the inches, you can use a tank chart to translate how many gallons equal the number of inches in your tank. You can locate a tank calculator here: Please keep in mind that most fuel companies do not fill due to heat expansion. It is a good rule of thumb that they fill to 90%.

Another option for our above-ground tank homeowners is the newer wireless Smart Oil gauges. These are a great option for the homeowner who is tired of measuring with a stick and would like to get real-time information related to their fuel usage. You can check your levels anywhere using a smartphone or computer.

With any of these methods, you can expect a slight variance at different points in time but for the most part, you should be able to monitor your fuel usage and lower your risk of running out. If at any time you have questions, please get in touch with your local fuel supplier.



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