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$ = Burke Oil Payment Center

E = Gasoline containing Ethanol sold at this location.

G = Gasoline with no Ethanol sold at this location

D = Highway Diesel sold at this location

K = Kerosene sold at this location

Tel: (828) 396-5550

62 Falls Ave.

Granite Falls, NC 28630


Jack B. Quick #5 (Baton)

Tel: (828) 728-8110

2790 Connelly Springs Rd.

Granite Falls, NC

(E, G, K)

Jack B. Quick #6 (Valdese)

Tel: (828) 879-8031

641 Main Street East

Valdese, NC 28690

($, E, D)


Jack B. Quick #7 (Icard)

Tel: (828) 397-5876

7841 Old NC #10

Icard, NC 28666


Jack B. Quick #8 (Cajah's Mtn)

Tel: (828) 726-1414

2036 Connelly Springs Road

Lenoir, NC 28645

(E, D, G)

Jack B. Quick #10 (Chesterfield)

Tel: (828) 433-0902

900 Lenoir Rd, Hwy 18 N

Morganton, NC 28655

($, E, D, G)


Jack B. Quick #11 (Morganton)

Tel: (828) 439-9055

1270 Burkemont Ave.

Morganton, NC 28655



Jack B. Quick Home Office

Tel: (828) 397-3421
2097 U.S. 70
Connelly Springs, NC 28612

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Marathon Logo

We proudly serve Marathon Gasoline.

Marathon gasoline is certified Top-Tier, providing a higher level of STP detergent additive for an even greater cleaning power. Marathon gasoline fights the accumulation of harmful deposits and improves the performance of your vehicle's engine.

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Jack B Quick Stores
Jack B Quick
Jack B Quick Stores
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