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5 Common Heating Oil Myths

heating oil myths

There are several misconceptions surrounding the use of heating oil. Here are the most common explained.

1-Myth - Heating Oil harms the environment

Truth-Today, we use Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO) in the State of NC. ULSHO is not the heating oil of the ‘70s. It’s 95% cleaner than the heating oil of that time, producing close to zero particulate emissions and much lower amounts of nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide.

2-Myth- Oil in inefficient

Truth-To begin, fuel oil burns hotter and reaches high temperatures more quickly than other fuels, meaning that less oil needs to be burned in order to reach comfortable temperatures inside a building. With current methods of production and use, heating oil is about 16 percent more energy efficient than gas. Oil actually provides more heat per gallon than any other fuel. Todays fuel systems are also more efficient and cleaner. Since 1970, oil burners have become 95 percent cleaner and markedly more durable as technology improves. They produce no soot, dirt or other air contaminant.

3-Myth- Most Oil comes from the Middle East

Truth-More than one-third of the heating oil we use in the US is produced domestically; of the remaining supply, Canada is our main source for supply.

4-Myth-Oil is expensive

Truth-Fuel oil prices have decrease significantly since the 1980's when adjusted for inflation. Althought the market does rise and fall, home heating oil still remains one of the most cost efficient ways to fuel your home. And if you take into consideration the relative efficiency of an oil heating system as compared to other common fuels, oil is actually one of the most cost-effective fuels on the market.

5-Myth-Oil heat is dangerous

Truth- Heating oil is actually non-flammable in its liquid form. If you drop a match in a bucket with heating oil, it would simply go out. Many experts view heating oil as the safest way to heat your home. The biggest concern lies within old fuel tanks that may present a biohazard if found to leak. Also, heating oil fumes are not fatal if inhaled unlike gas.

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