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propane flame
propane myth

1-Propane is not more advantageous than diesel or gasoline- Propane fuel has a lower carbon content than conventional gasoline or diesel fuel. This is why it is an approved clean alternative fuel under the Energy Policy Act there more advantageous than its diesel and gaoline counterparts. The same cannot be said for diesel or gasoline.

2-Propane isn't a renewable energy- Bio-diesel refineries can produce a renewable propane from animal fats and cooking oils before they are made into bio-diesel-material. Research has proven that renewable propane has an ultra-low carbon intensity and that agricultural byproducts will likely provide the ability to make renewable propane at scale.

3-Propane is not safe for the environment- On the contrary, propane is very environmentally friendly. When propane is released into the air, it vaporizes and dissipates which means it won't contaminate groundwater, marine ecosystems, or other sensitive habitats. Similarly, when vaporized propane produces virtually no ozone-harming effects.

4-Propane is not energy efficient- Again, on the contrary, propane is extremely energy

efficient. Liquid propane has a higher energy density than liquified natural gas, meaning propane vehicles can go farther on a tank of fuel as opposed to alternative liquid fuels.

5-Propane and Natural Gas are the same- Propane is stored and transported as a liquid, has little environmental impact if it escapes unburned and it is delivered by independent providers. Natural gas is transported as a vapor, environmentally harmful due to unburned methate is 86 x more potent than carbon dioxide and is distributed by utility pipes. These two gases are not the same and exhibit 3 main differences.

6-Propane contains methane-False, propane contains zero methane.

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