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Prepare Your Home for the Upcoming Heating Season!!

Here are a few tips to make sure you are prepared for the upcoming Home Heating Delivery Season!

1-Make sure your address or location is visible to our delivery drivers. This is vital to ensure our company can find your home or business and deliver in a timely manner. If the address or location is not visible, this could delay our company delivering your heating product.

2-Maintain access to your fuel tank to ensure our drivers can easily deliver the product. This can include clearing in overgrown brush, advising our dispatch of gate codes, and/or putting away any pets that may hinder your delivery. The drivers must carry a large hose to your tank. If there are trees, rocks, branches, or brush blocking the intake, this could cause your delivery to be delayed until the obstruction is clear. The driver should be able to navigate the space efficiently and safely. Please remember that ice can also be a safety hazard and any unsafe conditions could lead to injury.

3-Keep your tank in a safe condition. Please check your tank regularly for corrosion, saturation(unsafe ground conditions), roots, and fire hazards. If any of these are in question, we may be unable to safely deliver your fuel.

  • Corrosion: Rust is the result of water evaporating on a metal surface. If left untreated this could cause corrosion to your tank. To prevent this from happening, make sure the metal surface of the tank remains covered. If the paint starts to crack or peel, have the tank repainted.

  • Saturation: If your tank is underground, it will not be vulnerable to direct rain exposure, but it could still rust and become structurally unstable if the surrounding soil becomes oversaturated. During rainy times of the year, do not allow puddles to form above or near the tank.

  • Roots: If your tank is underground near a large tree, make sure tree roots will not be a problem. If you suspect this problem could be taking shape on your property, contact a local arborist for more information on how to stop the spread of roots near your oil tank.

  • Fire hazards: Never host campfires, barbecues, or any activities that involve matches and lighting fluid anywhere near the tank.

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